How to install OSCAM to UBUNTU

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How to install OSCAM to UBUNTU

Messaggio  Admin il Mer Apr 21, 2010 3:35 pm

How to install OSCAM to UBUNTU

Since many have been trying to get OSCAM working on UBUNTU with no luck, decided to write up a quick tutorial for getting it to work.

(I have had this running for a couple of days now on ubuntu server, with an ORANGE sub (096c), glitch free)

cd /lib/
sudo ln -s
sudo apt-get install yum
cd /usr/local/bin/
sudo apt-get install subversion
sudo svn co oscam-svn
cd oscam-svn/
sudo apt-get install cmake
sudo mkdir build_dir
cd build_dir
sudo cmake /usr/local/bin/oscam-svn
sudo make
sudo make install
now make your configuration files and place them in /usr/local/etc


label = fx
protocol = mouse
detect = CD
device = /dev/ttyUSB0
mhz = 600
EMMCache = 1,1,2
Group = 1
caid = 096c
boxid = ********
nice = -19
WaitForCards = 1
port = 988
aulow = 120
monlevel = 0
key = 0102030405060708091011121314
port = 10000@096c:000000;


user = test
pwd = test
uniq = 1
group = 1
au = fx
ident = 096c:000000
caid = 096c

now back to terminal:

sudo oscam -b

now check /var/log/oscam.log for the news..

to calculate boxkey for the new orange sub:
1. get your 11 digit box serial (101*******5)
2. remove the last digit ONLY (101*******) and type it in the windows cal in dec mode
3. click hex. this will give you the exact 8 digit hex to put in your oscam.server.

I have tested the windows version of oscam which requires cygwin (using usb phoenix 6 mhz), and its too slow. Ecm transaction takes 1300ms compared to 300 ms on dm internal compared to 205 ms on ubuntu with usb phoenix running 6 mhz.

THANK jtc2005


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